Affordable, full-service proofreading

I charge $2.00 per page.

A typical page with 1.5-inch margins at the top, bottom, and sides averages 280 words. The fairest price for you is based on averaging. I take your total word count and divide by 280 because not every page will be full of text. For example, your 22-page short story may contain 5,230 words. I divide 5,230 by 280. By averaging, I bring your page count down to 19, and you pay for that many pages.

Value-added screenplay proofreading

Averaging really helps you if you’ve written a screenplay. Say, for example, your screenplay is 109 pages long and has a word count of 20,207. If you divide 20,207 by 280, you get 72.167. You would pay for 72 pages instead of 109. This is the fairest price for you because screenplays average only 205 words per page. Multiplying 72 by $2.00 produces a price of $144.00. You’ll know you didn’t break the bank if you still decide to hire a script consultant for an analysis and coverage.

How to get your job to me

I admit that I’m old-school in terms of how I like to work. I prefer to make marks on paper with my trusty red pen.

Start by attaching your MS Word document to an e-mail. Send it to I will get the word count from this attachment.

The type in your document must be 12 point (I prefer Times New Roman). Make your margins 1.5 inches (top, bottom, and sides) and double space your lines. Special for screenplays: Screenplays should follow standard screenplay formatting and be typed in 12-point Courier or Courier New.

Include your name, address, and phone number in your e-mail. Describe your document and provide your turn-around time.

I’ll respond with a price quote that includes postage. If you accept my quote, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for half the total amount. I’ll print out your document and start to work after PayPal notifies me of your payment.

When I’m finished, I’ll send you another PayPal invoice for the balance. I’ll return your marked-up document by snail mail after PayPal notifies me of your payment.

Together we’ll make your document or screenplay a well-crafted piece that you can be proud of.